Restaurants, cafes and Bars just like any business that handles food, need to adhere to sanitation standards.

We often hear from such business once they have failed a council food safety inspection and need to rectify the issues raised in their report or when they receive negative reviews from customers and seek to prevent that from happening in the future.

How do we ensure that your business is completely pestless?

We take a proactive approach and first develop a commercial pest management programme.
We first inspect your facility to identify if there is an active infestation which will be followed by an appropriate treatment. Once this initial infestation is cleared we move onto preventative maintenance by regularly scheduling preventative pest treatments. We also give advice on how to keep pests out of your business. Some may range from installing screen windows, proper garbage disposal and the blocking of possible entry points for pests which is all dependent on the situation you are faced with.

Call Pestless today to arrange an inspection and protect your business and customers from the dangers of pest infestation.