Bed Bugs on a mattress
Bedbugs are difficult to find as they only come out at night to feed on your blood as you sleep. If you find tiny casings on the ground or rust covered spots on your bed sheets and mattress then you might have a bedbug infestation. Roughly 20% of the population are allergic to their bites which can result in itchy rashes making them even more of a priority to get rid of.

What’s involved in treating bedbugs?

Treating bedbugs is unfortunately time consuming and requires specialist chemicals and so comes with a higher price tag then other treatments.
Bed Bugs on a mattress
A minimum of 2 treatments are required to clear an infestation as their eggs are unaffected by any chemical treatment on the market so we must wait for them to hatch before performing the 2nd treatment.
At Pestless we will guide you through and provide you documentation on what must be done before we arrive for our initial treatment (such as washing all bedding/cloths, vacuuming the flooring etc) to ensure that the treatment has the greatest chance of success possible.