Pestless has been providing fast and effective flea pest control for the Sydney area for many years, whether it’s for your home or for an end of lease treatment we have you covered.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are small, very specialized parasitic insects with over 90 species known to exist in Australia but only a few species are categorized as pests as they are capable of infesting your dog or cat as well as causing irritating bites to humans.
Living on the body of your dog or cat each female flea is capable of laying hundreds of eggs during her life time which will usually fall off
the host animal and be deposited anywhere your pet travels and so commonly end up in the cracks of floor boards, the lawn outside or around their bedding.
After maturing these eggs can hatch but may take up to a year to do so and only hatch when the vibrations of a larger mammal passes close by so that they may immediately attach themselves to their new host to start the cycle again.

How are fleas treated?

We at pestless only use the safest and most effective insecticides on the market to ensure the safety of your pets and children. Effective flea pest control relies on well directed application of insecticides and flea growth regulators over all areas in which your pet has traveled from your outside garden to the interiors of your home. Taking the steps of mowing your lawn so that the insecticide can sink into the dirt more effectively, Washing your pets bedding as well as getting your pets treated for fleas before the pest controller arrives will guarantee the success of the pest control treatment.

The solution?

Calling Pestless is a guaranteed way to solve your flea problem. Not only will you clear your current infestation but our treatments will also stop them from coming back and come with up to 6 months warranty which means if the fleas do come back, Then so do we!