Frequently asked questions

Are your pest control treatments safe for my pets or children?

The chemicals used have very low toxicity to humans and are the same chemicals used in hospitals, daycare centers and schools. It is still best to avoid swallowing the chemicals while they are drying so it is recommended that dogs and cats are kept outside while the chemicals inside the house are drying (this can take up to 3 hours).

Will I need to vacate my home during treatment?

This is usually not required for most general pests with the exception of flea treatments.

What happens if it rains on the day of treatment?

If it is raining on the day of treatment it is no problem to reschedule the treatment free of charge. The chemical used when spraying outside is oil based and once dried it is water resistant but it must be able to dry first.

How often should I have my home treated?

Most customers have it treated every 12 months but some have it done every 6 months to ensure complete protection all year round.

Do I need to do anything before the pest controller arrives?

It is helpful to ensure the floor is clear of clutter such as toys and clothes as to avoid them coming into contact with any chemicals as well as open up any side gates and locked rooms to ensure easy access. It may be necessary to clear out items from kitchen cupboards but this is only needed when dealing with a heavy German cockroach infestation.

How long should it take for the treatment to work?

Depending on the pest problem you are having it can take anywhere from immediately to up to 3 weeks.

What happens if I continue to find pests after treatment?

For general pests up to 6 months of warranty is included so if problems persist after treatment a follow up treatment can be arranged free of charge.

How often should you have your house inspected for termites?

It’s usually best to get a termite inspection done at least once a year. Early detection is the key to preventing widespread damage to a home’s timbers.

Is termite damage covered by home and contents insurance?

Unfortunately termite damage is not covered by insurance. The installation of a termite barrier is recommended to give yourself the best chance to avoid your home coming under termite attack.

Will the spray you use stain my carpet or wooden floor boards?

Water based chemicals are used indoor that are formulated to not stain either carpet or sealed wooden floor boards.