People reaction to cockroaches with a range of emotions from slight annoyance, to incredibly fearful but wanting to keep them out of your home is universal. There is a stereotype that only dirty homes have cockroaches but rest assured they enjoy clean homes just as much.
Depending on the species they can be found in roof voids or subfloors as well as outdoors and at night they can make their way into your home underneath doors, through open windows and through cracks in your floorboards in the search of food and water.

There are 4 main types of cockroaches you are likely to run into in Australia

German cockroach

The smallest and fastest breeding of all of the cockroaches, they prefer warm and moist areas indoors such as kitchens and bathrooms. They can build to quite large infestations if left untreated so it’s best to treat them at the first sign of their appearance.

American cockroach

The largest of the cockroach species, They can be found outdoors but prefer roof voids, subfloors and the inside of walls in houses as it is warmer. They will feed on any organic matter from pet food to plant matter.

Australian cockroach

Slightly smaller than the American cockroach they are found mainly outdoors under the bark of trees and beneath wood piles during the summer months and have a preference to eat plant matter.

Smokey-brown cockroach

These cockroaches are very similar to their American counter parts and are found in roof voids, subfloors and the inside of walls of houses. Unlike American cockroaches they do prefer to eat plant matter over any other organic material.

The Solution?

Calling Pestless is a guaranteed way to solve your cockroach problem. Not only will you clear your current infestation but our treatments will also stop them from coming back and come with up to 6 months warranty which means if the cockroaches do come back, Then so do we!