You love your home but it might surprise you that termites do too with 1 in 3 Australian homes being attacked by termites which results in over a $1 billion worth of damage a year (more than fires, floods and storms combined).

As an undetected termite infestation has the potential to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages to your property, it is best to take a proactive approach when it comes to keeping your place termite free.
This is done through yearly termite inspections through qualified pest controllers who are trained to carry out a thorough inspection of your property.

Our Core Values

We value our expertise in the industry. We are always looking to apply the latest in techniques and products when it comes to pest control so that our customers have access to the latest advancements that we have to offer.
We also value loyalty above all else when it comes to our customers as they have been essential in the growth of our business through both repeat business as well as referrals so we take extra care to ensure that we deliver above our customers expectations and offer generous warranties and customer services after treatments to ensure they keep coming back for more.

Our areas of inspection include

Yard and Garden

We check all timber fencing, retaining walls, tree stumps and timber landscaping features.

Interior Building

We check all doors, flooring and window architraves.

Building subfloor

If accessible we check all brick piers, bearers and underside of your flooring.

Roof void

We check your roof battens, beams and rafters.

Whether you’re looking for a routine yearly termite inspection, a pre purchase inspection or an emergency inspection give pestles a call today for a free quote and advice.

Termite treatment / prevention

Prevention is better than cure and there are a number of treatments available that can be performed to prevent termites ever becoming established on your property.
We are fully insured and accredited to carry out termite control on your property with years of experience under our belt.
We understand that it is important that customers must be able to trust the people who are installing the systems as a failure can have devastating results and so we stake our reputation on getting it right and back that up with warranties lasting as long as 8 years for certain products.

As every property is unique we will work to tailor a treatment plan for you within both your needs and your budget.

Broadly speaking

Limited area termite treatments

These are limited to one small area such as a wall or tree stump and treated either using a non repellent chemical or above ground bait station. Although effective on the colony found they do not offer protection from future termite infestations.

Full Termite Chemical Soil Treatments

A chemical barrier is costly to install but offers significant long term protection against termite attacks as it protects the whole property and destroys any colonies that attempt to cross the chemical “zone”.

Full-House Termite Bait Stations

In ground termite bait stations are installed around the perimeter of them home. These types of barriers are more suitable for some types of properties but they do require more regular checking which results in them being the most costly over time.

The cost for these treatments can range from a few hundred dollars to a several thousand depending on the option that is picked and the size of the property but whichever is picked it is important to choose a reliable pest control company that uses quality chemicals and products.

Don’t fall for “cheap” fly-by-night cowboy operators who will disappear once you find out that they haven’t done their job properly.