Rats And Mice


Rodent problems can be an extremely urgent issue with just a single pregnant rat able to start a huge infestation by birthing up to 6 litters of rodents a year.

Rodents need to continue to gnaw on hard objects in order to wear down their teeth so once they get into your roof void and subfloor they have been known to damage electrical wires which can be a fire hazard and chew through PVC piping causing water damage to walls and ceilings.

So what are the signs that you may have a rodent infestation?


Rodents are active at night and you may be able to hear them within your roof void and walls running as well as gnawing on your wooden beams.

Rub marks

Rodents will leave rub marks on walls and surfaces where they track into areas on a regular basis. Their fur leaves a grease like a residue (which often just looks like brown marks) on these areas and can be an indication of a more established colony.


A musty smell may be present as their urine has a pungent odor and will build up over time as their colony becomes more established.


Often the first sign of an infestation and can be used to identify the species present. Usually found behind fridges and within cupboards

There are 3 kinds of Rodents you are likely to encounter in Sydney

Roof Rat

The most common and as the name implied they often shelter in roof voids and are able to climb up vertical surfaces with ease. They can damage your home through their urine and through chewing on electrical wiring and water piping.

Norway Rat

The largest of the rats and unable to climb as well as their roof rat cousins and so are more likely to be found within subfloors of buildings. They are more likely than roof rats to wander indoors so if you have seen a rat in your kitchen then it was probably a Norway rat.

House mouse

The House mouse is more curious then their rat cousins and so is more likely to be found living within the house itself and you may find such things such as bread and cereal boxes chewed into. They breed the fastest so it is important to get their population under control at the first opportunity.

The Solution?

Calling Pestless is a guaranteed way to solve your rodent problem. Not only will you clear your current infestation but our treatments will also stop them from coming back and come with up to 6 months warranty which means if the rodents do come back, Then so do we!